Your Marriage Could End if the Economy Gets Better

wad of moneyThe recession is lifting, slowly but surely. Home sales are improving and unemployment rates are dropping. People are starting to feel like they can breathe again.

People are no longer sticking with jobs they hate for fear of not finding another, and surprisingly, people are feeling free to leave their spouses who they’ve also outgrown throughout the recession. That’s right, folks, as the economy turns around, people are divorcing their spouses. Free at last, free at last.


This is surprising to me. In our marriage, the main thing that starts a fight between my husband and me is finances. I thought that was true for most couples. We love each other completely, but when someone loses a job or finances get tight, you get stressed, start to feel caged in, and you want to be mad at someone, anyone. You can’t very well scream at the bank (well, you can but it won’t do much good), so you find that person closest to you who you are sure won’t leave: your spouse. Only now, you would be wrong.

My husband and I survived a two-year, long stint of commuter marriage. It was horrible living apart but it was what we had to do to have an income. There was no choice. I was left alone with our girls. I felt abandoned and alone but we had to do whatever was needed to financially keep us afloat. He lived alone in another state for a contract job. It made no sense to uproot the kids for six months and move with him. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t sell our house to save our lives. We made do. It was so hard. 

I felt like a single mom. I was bitter about that. He felt like he was a visitor in his own home. He wasn’t crazy about that. He missed firsts. I had to do a lot on my own, and if we were ever going to divorce, I’m pretty sure we would have done it then.

Apparently, other couples stuck it out during the hard times, and now that there are more jobs available, a better housing market, and things are turning around financially, many couples are seeing this as the time to get out while they can.

Couples feel like with more job opportunities and chances to sell their homes, it's more feasible to be able to walk away from their marriage. This is craziness. It’s easier to take care of themselves. They can afford a divorce lawyer. They don’t need one another financially like they did at the recession’s worst. I've always felt like money is what causes most couples to fight, but apparently having money is what is causing some couples today to feel free to divorce.

Do you think money is reason enough to stick it out in a bad marriage?


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