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9 Things Every Woman Needs to Find a Good Husband

Love & Sex Ericka Sóuter May 14, 2013

laughing womanAll of those other "how to land a man" lists have got it wrong. They tell you to go to certain places, wear certain things, flirt a certain way, laugh at his lame jokes. But none of that is really going to make you stand out in the desperately overcrowded dating scene. Every single woman knows it's brutal out there. So here are the 9 things that will actually help you find your future husband.

What do you think a woman needs to find a good man?

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1A Great Hairdresser

Let’s just admit it, we are incredibly vain, especially when we are on the prowl. Looking hot starts with the hair. If you don’t have a cute cut, you can’t exude that much-needed confidence on the dating scene.

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2A Good Sense of Humor

You will need it. You are going to encounter a million frogs before that prince pops up. So when you inevitably have to deal with that Wiccan, mama’s boy, or not-quite-reformed ex-con, it’s nice to be able to laugh off those dates as practice runs.

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3Married or Attached Friends

Face it. Fellow single girls are just competition. Go out with a married friend and you don’t have to worry about fighting for that hot guy's attention.

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4A Vibrator

This will hopefully ensure you don’t jump into bed with some loser just because you’re horny. It’s like shopping at a grocery store when you are starving. You are destined to pick up something bad for you -- even if you don’t realize it at the time.

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5A Career

You don't have to be a titan of industry, but be able to pay your own bills. Sugar Daddies are never as sweet of a deal as you think. Sure, he buys you things, but does he think you can be bought? If he believes you are using him, rest assured, he is using you too.

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6Facebook Decorum

For the love of God, please take down those pictures of you dry humping your ex. A guy who is looking for relationship material doesn't want to see you do anything remotely sexual with another dude.

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7A Watch

There are times when being a little late is acceptable, but constantly showing up tardy is just plain rude (no matter how cute you are). Guys appreciate a woman who is respectful of their time. Aren't you?

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8A Glass Half Full of Water

Among the biggest turn-offs? Being a Debbie Downer. No one wants to spend their free time with someone who depresses them. You can talk about societal ills or the state of the nation, but don't come off all doom and gloom. And please, please, please avoid chit-chat about the high school mean girl experiences you still haven't gotten over.


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