7 Wedding Traditions With Beginnings That May Surprise You (PHOTOS)

wedding dress hanging From the minute you get engaged to even several months into being a newlywed, you're exposed to wedding traditions galore. Some you may be familiar with (very, if you've been in/to a lot of weddings) and others that may have slipped your mind completely (because you were distracted by other important matters of business like designing an acceptable seating chart or negotiating with vendors).

Case in point: When my fiance (whoops!) husband and I were on our way back from the airport after getting hitched earlier this month, one of my brilliant colleagues said I had to make him carry me over the threshold when we got home. So funny. I hadn't even thought of that. And being the history geek that I am, I proceeded to Google it to find out where the seemingly sweet tradition came from. Let me  tell you -- I probably shouldn't have.

Here, that and six other wedding traditions' surprising origins that may make you see them in a whole new light ...


What wedding tradition were you most surprised to learn about? Did you skip a certain tradition because you weren't keen on its origin?


Image via Maressa Brown