Girl Who's Skeptical About Love Makes Incredible Wedding Dress Entirely From Divorce Papers (VIDEO)

Demi BarnesSigh. Is romance officially dead? Demi Barnes, 15-year-old art student in the U.K., shared a photo of her final project with a cousin via Facebook and it's become one of those "viral" hits. It's gorgeous, has gotten more than 40,000 "likes," and is a wedding dress made out of divorce papers

Guess this kid hasn't swallowed the "happily ever after" princess myth! Guess how many pieces of paper she used to create the dress?


Fifteen thousand! Kind of awesome, right? The dress is a truly amazing work of art that Barnes says took her 10 hours to create (and that was just the final version; not counting the design and the "draft" made from plain paper!), but beyond being breath-taking, it makes a powerful and -- I'll say it -- somewhat depressing statement. Barnes says the dress represents the idea that too many people rush to get married, and end up in divorce court.

Wow. That's pretty heady stuff for a 15-year-old. I wonder where she gets her data? Oh, gee, maybe from just about every publicized celebrity wedding we see -- and the eventual, inevitable celebrity divorce -- whaddya think? Not to mention the rate of marriages ending among us regular folk. In spite of all the pomp and circumstance of "the big day," so many people forget that the wedding is nothing more than a way to celebrate the beginning of a long, long life and journey together -- if you're lucky.

Barnes put her finger right on the problem with her masterpiece. With a skeptical eye like this girl's, I wonder if maybe this upcoming generation will look at marriage through a different lens than the current generation of married (and divorced) people. Who knows? Maybe they'll focus less on the pretty trimmings and more on waiting to find something that's really meant to be. Regardless, this girl is clearly going somewhere special with her career!

Does this Demi Barnes seem too cynical for her age? Or did she hit the nail on the head?

Image via Demi Barnes/Facebook

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