5 Foreplay Ideas That Will Drive Your Man Wild

Michele Zipp | May 16, 2013 Love & Sex

couple in parkThere's more to sex than just sex. It can't just be an "insert here" and five minutes later be over. I guess, it can -- quickies are fun sometimes -- but not every single time. Enter foreplay! The thing we want to do but sometimes just don't have time to do but we really should do more often because it feels amazing.

I'm not just talking about your typical foreplay here either. Though finger play and oral can be totally mind-blowingly fantastic. Here are a few ideas to get you and your partner super hot for each other and halfway to orgasm.


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  • Sexting


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    Sexting isn't just for really young and horny kids. It's for adults, too! And we do it better because everything is better as we age -- even sex. Send your lover some naughty words during the day, right before you are meeting, at night before he gets home from work, and you've got a jump start on getting it on. Sometimes something as simple as "I want you" or "I can't wait to feel you inside me" can really get the blood flowing.

  • Making Out at a Restaurant


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    Generally speaking, kissing is one of the first things to go in a relationship. I don't what's up with that because if you think back to when you first start getting hot and heavy with someone, it's the kissing that is SO AMAZING! Never forget that fellow lovers. And so go ahead and make out in a restaurant. Then take that to the car. Back to the house. I bet you'll end up having sex in the hallway because you can't wait long enough to make it to the bed.

  • Teasing


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    Think about when you first met your partner -- what did you do a whole lot of? Flirting, right? Essentially teasing. Playfully kissing your lover's neck while walking through the park. A little pat on the ass when she walks by. Playing with each other's hands as you hold them across a table. All of these subtle gestures are part of the bigger picture -- the build up to sex -- and are still major turn-ons. You can take teasing to the next level and pinch nipples through clothing or grab your lover's package over his pants and stroke it gently too of course. Just do it all.

  • Send Sexy Photos


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    Taking a sexy photo isn't just for posterity. It should be loved, worshipped, and fantasized about by your partner. It's foreplay! Send some by email or text. Now. Go on. Take all your clothes off, get in front of a mirror, make sure the lighting is just right, and try snapping some naughty photos of yourself. Doesn't have to be full-on porno mag style pictures -- in fact, don't do that. Make it be a side shot of your breast. The curve of your hips. Your face with a come hither look. You'll be on your lover's mind all day. Naughty thoughts will lead to naughty actions.

  • Heavy Petting


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    We can't have a discussion on foreplay without taking things to the naughtiest level possible. Prepare yourself ... I'm about to say something really dirty. Ready? Okay. You should try stroking your man's manliest manhood. In simpler terms: jerking off. He should do it, you should do it to him -- all as a prerequisite to penetration. Take him to the verge, then stop. Let him go down on you then start again. Use lube if you need to but make sure it's well lubricated. It's not just for solo fun.

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