New Drug Supposedly 'Stops' Husbands From Cheating on Their Wives

pillsApparently there's a certain antibiotic called Minocycline that can keep men from finding attractive women seductive and in turn, stop guys from being unfaithful to their girlfriends and wives. Um, yay?

The study, done in Japan, found that when shown photos of pretty women, men given the antibiotic rated them as less attractive than men who weren't on the drug did. The men taking the antibiotic were also less likely to rate the babes as "trustworthy." Ergo, say scientists, this means men on that medication in real life would be less likely to be seduced by beautiful women. Bizarre -- but this isn't the first time scientists have declared they know of an anti-cheating drug...


Last year, researchers found that men given a dose of the hormone oxytocin (yes, that's the one released by orgasm), kept a further distance from alluring women than non-dosed men. Seriously -- don't you wonder who signs up for these studies?! 

I would not be at all surprised to see an anti-cheating drug come to market, backed by the pharma industry with dollar signs in their eyes. Sure, people cheat all the time, but can you just imagine? What if you found our your husband were taking it, in a desperate attempt to avoid being tempted by his gorgeous, pencil-skirted co-worker?! Would wives be slipping it into their husbands' coffee before they set off on business trips? Ladies, an advance public service warning: if you have to drug him not to stray, he deserves to be kicked OUT.

Of course, the real question is: would an anti-cheating drug be covered by insurance? Hmm ... not sure! Viagra and penile implants are, of course, while lawmakers argue about whether birth control for women should have to be covered. Where does an anti-cheating drug stand? Only time will tell!

Do you think it's possible an anti-cheating drug could be marketed?


Image via emagineart/Flickr

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