How to Get Your Guy to Do the One Thing in Bed You Love the Most

man's mouthHow important is oral sex to you?

Let's say that you love your man. And he loves you. The two of you have this really, really wonderful relationship. Except for this one thing: He doesn’t go down on you. You know what I mean. He's not a beaver whisperer or a believer in the art of cunnilingus.  

For some women, this might be okay. But for me, it would be a deal breaker. I think performing oral sex on each other is one of the greatest pleasures of intimacy. And happily, my husband and I are on the same page on this.

But if your guy is hesitant and you're looking to be on the receiving end, here are some things that you can do to help him find his way.


Give and you shall receive: Relationships shouldn’t be tit for tat but sometimes, they just are. It’s human nature. So give him the kind of pleasure that you want him to give you.

Dress it up: Put on a pair of sexy underwear. Make them lacy, crotchless -- or even just throw on an accentuating pair of boy shorts. I've learned to leave my granny panties in the drawer when I'm looking for a little oral.

Get a haircut: I'm a fan of the semi-Brazilian, but I understand that not everyone believes in a good waxing. Even so, a nice trim goes a long way. You could even try a sparkly vajazzling. I personally haven’t been bejeweled but I would do it for a special occasion.

Clean it up: Taking a shower together might alleviate an inexperienced man's fear of the unknown. Let him make you fresh and clean. Think of it as foreplay.

Be a guide: When you finally get him down there, let him know what moves make you feel good. You can even use your hands to gently point him in the right direction.

Most importantly, speak up. Men don’t always know what we want, especially when it comes to our bodies. We need to tell them. Talking about what turns you on will make you and your partner closer. And that has benefits beyond the bedroom.

Is no oral sex a deal breaker for you?

Image via fabrisalvetti/Flickr

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