10 Places You Should Never Make Out With Your Husband

kissingI am all for PDA (public displays of affection) -- just not in every public place. The reason for this rant? I was sitting in the hospital waiting room as my grandmother had surgery and the couple across from me started kissing. It totally skeeved me out. For one thing, I was sitting right there. Secondly, it was a hospital for Christ’s sake. With that weird antiseptic smell and all those germs wafting around, I barely wanted to take a deep breath, much less go in for some major tongue action. Yuck! Check out the 10 other places you should never make out with your man.

  1. Airplane seat. It’s bad enough listening to a snorer or a screaming baby, but I guarantee no other passenger wants to hear you slurp your way through the in-flight movie.
  2. Function at your child’s school. This is more annoying than gross. No one needs to be reminded you are probably having more sex than they are.
  3. Dressing room. You may think no one has a clue what is going on, but those folks to the left and the right totally know what you are up to. Get a room!
  4. Cemetery. What about this setting could possibly stir romantic feelings? CREEPY! 
  5. Wedding. I am sure it reminds you of the day you said, 'I do,' but save it for later. PLEASE.
  6. Bathroom stall. Nothing says romance like a public restroom, right? And why would you want to get busy in a place where total strangers take a dump?
  7. Stairwell at work. That's just what I want to see -- two people pawing at each other like ferrets while I'm running to a meeting.
  8. Movie theater. It's a cliche, but people still actually do it and it's beyond distracting and annoying. 
  9. Beach. Yes, there is a drink called Sex on the Beach, but please don't take that literally. That is not what anyone else on vacation came to see. Reserve it for your hotel room.
  10. In line at the grocery store. Way to make everyone lose their appetite. Can't you at least wait until you get into the parking lot?

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Where else should couples avoid making out?


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