6 Ways to Feel Sexier in Bed Tonight

sexy in bedFor many women, sexy time with their spouse is not as relaxing and comfortable as it ought to be. Instead of being in the moment and focusing on all the good feelings, they are feeling self conscious or bad about their body. It is unfortunate and sad and should not be that way.

Our culture tends to insist that we try to live up to impossible standards. Sure, we could look like Halle Berry if we worked out with a trainer, had low cal meals delivered to our houses and had the best make up and beauty team money can buy. But the reality is, no man really wants his lady looking like a robot anyway.

Real is sexy. It's true. Most men prefer women first thing in the morning with their hair a little mussed, no make up on and casual clothing. With that in mind, here are 6 ways you can start to feel sexier in bed as soon as tonight:

  1. See yourself as he sees you: The next time you have sex, watch his eyes. Do they travel over your waist, breasts, and shoulders? Do they appreciate what they see? If you can see yourself as he sees you, you might be able to recognize that you are so much sexier than you think.
  2. Do it with the lights off: It might seem counter intuitive to the advice above, but every once in a while, turn out the lights and feel your way through the motions. Focus on his touch rather than anyone's looks. Focus on the way the air feels on your skin and your breath. It will take your mind off any perceived physical flaws.
  3. Run your fingers across your collar bone: If it's not your collar bone, then your neck our your shoulders or any part of your body you DO like. There must be one, right? Call attention to it and draw his eyes to it. When you see the appreciation on his face, you will know it worked.
  4. Bring in props: If you really feel bad about yourself in bed, bring in toys. Many toys. Just adding that spice may be enough to bring the old spark back and make you feel hot.
  5. Sleep in the nude: This may not be a way to feel sexier DURING sex (although midnight sex may just happen), but it is a way to appreciate the feelings your body gives you. It is not all about looks. Sometimes it is about sensation -- the sheets on your bare skin, the brush of him against you. Just make sure you lock the door so your kids don't come in.
  6. Open the windows: If you have a skylight, let the snow come in. If it is summer, let the breeze come in and enjoy the added "naughtiness" of potentially being heard.

How do you feel sexier in bed?




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