Real Men Don’t ‘Wait Three Days’ to Call After a First Date

Lady on phoneRemember that  “wait three days to call” rule? Well, I’ve always hated it. It’s immature and, let’s be honest, I just plain hated waiting. I don’t like games. I didn’t want to be chased and I didn’t want to chase anyone else. I always felt that it made more sense to just let someone know you were interested. I absolutely hated waiting for the phone to ring. The guys I dated all held steadfast to the dating "rules", which basically meant they'd call in three to five days. I adhered to the if you wait more than three days, I'm not answering rule. We were at an impasse, as you can clearly see.


A recent study done by found that 78 percent of guys reach out to a woman less than three days after the first date. Thanks to modern technology, it's just so easy these days and  I think it’s great. Why not IM, text or email to say “ Thanks for going out with me. I had a great time, let’s do it again!” rather than playing guessing games and getting aggravated waiting around to be contacted, like it’s a job instead of a relationship. Games are for children not grown ups. Who has time for that?

But this is really nothing new. Real men have known for ages that dating games are for children. My husband called me the night after we met, not three days later, and I thought he was crazy because I had been brainwashed into thinking that any man worth having was hard to get. What an idiot I was.

To my delight and surprise, it turned out he wasn’t crazy or clingy. He just knew what he wanted. He had a dating maturity that was beyond his years and he didn't play games, like every other guy I'd dated up to that point. He knew what he wanted in a companion and he went after it. I was impressed and a little thrown. I had never dated a guy who was so straight forward and honest and open about his feelings for me. It was a little intimidating.

Once I was past the shock of his dating technique, I was completely smitten. He swept me off my feet. Four months later, he asked me to marry him. Yes, he shocked me once again.  Following suit, I took a leap and said yes. Next month, we will celebrate our 14 Th wedding anniversary.

Do you think the "wait three days to call" rule adds interest to dating or is it just a source of aggravation?


Image via Flickr/ Mark Sebastian

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