Shameless Sex Seekers Use Boston Marathon Bombings as a Pick-Up Line

Some people will use any excuse to score a little hot action. Every day, you can find sex-starved souls posting on Craigslist hoping to find a hook-up, but you'd think they'd take a break when terrorists strike. But noooooo. This just makes them hornier, my friends. Posted one desperado after the Boston Marathon attacks:

Care to celebrate life with me today? Not sure how to process or react to news of the incidents at the Boston Marathon today. Just want human contact, celebrate life in the face of it. Looking for making out and touching ... If the chemistry or the moment feel right and things go further, well, awesome.

Because nothing says "I'm mourning this great national tragedy" like a little casual nookie.


Unsurprisingly, that ad wasn't just a fluke. was kind enough to do a roundup (kudos to the reporter who had to troll through M4W). Another in the casual sex section read:

Couple available this sad day in Boston. Couple here, seeing what's out there tonight. We are real. Sad day in Boston today during the Marathon. We get a ton of email but just getting stats and in some cases pictures but no one telling us what sets them apart. Why should we pay a sitter to come see you?

Hmm. You can see how truly sad they are. So sad they have to get a threesome going while the kid is with the sitter right away!

Anyway, I'm not necessarily knocking the human desire to connect -- often physically -- during times of inordinate stress. I saw a lot of this type of thing in the days after the September 11 attacks. Hell, women were heading down to the still-smoking World Trade Center ruins to pick up firemen. Hey, New York firemen are HOT!

It's probably programmed in our genes to try and procreate when the world is going to hell. One crude but effective method to keeping the human race going at all costs.

But you know most of these Craigslist types aren't affected by the tragedy -- they post every day on Craigslist! They're just hoping a little tragedy empathy will help them get lucky. If the Red Sox won the Series, they'd be using that as a lure. But instead they use death and destruction. Because that's sooo sexy.

These sad people need to get a grip and realize that sex isn't going to make them feel better about life -- except for maybe a moment or two.

Have you ever used a tragedy to try and score?

Image via Mike Traboe/Flickr

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