The Single Girl's Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Now That You're Unattached

MartiniBreakups suck. OK, that's an understatement. Breakups make you feel like scum. No matter whose "fault" it is, you walk away feeling empty and without that sense of companionship. You walk away feeling totally alone, even when there are hundreds of people walking by you on the street. You wonder what your ex is doing. Who they're with. If that person that you woke up to every Sunday for what feels like forever is thinking about you when they're eating lunch in the park.

Then the reality hits: It's over. At least for now, you're single.

Single. It's a weird realization. This notion of freedom pops into your head wielding this large metal sword trying to battle off those nasty feelings of loneliness. Then you think: Because I'm single, I should, like -- go out, right? 

So what's a single lady to do? Make a bucket list. With time, the pain will ease. And when it does, you'll need to get out there. You effin' deserve it. Thus I present you with 20 things every single girl should do:


1. Scream into your pillow in the morning.

2. Fly (or go on a road trip) somewhere by yourself and feel OK exploring on your own.

3. Be a super duper wing woman and be OK spending your night talking to someone you're not interested in. Value the conversation for what it's worth. You might learn something.

4. Go on a date with a younger man.

5. Buy yourself flowers. Trust me, they look JUST as good no matter who puts down the cash.

6. Go to the bar by yourself. Order something that ISN'T your usual.

7. If you haven't, make an online dating profile. Even if you don't use it, I PROMISE you'll get some hilarious messages.

8. Splurge on a pair of heels that make you feel sexy. It'll show in the way you present yourself. 

9. Go on a day date. I'm talking hiking in the park, trying a trapeze class, going kayaking. A man who will meet up with you during daylight has potential.

10. Change your own light bulbs and put up your own blinds. Show yourself you DON'T need a man to do around-the-house tasks for you.

11. Kiss a stranger. Don't go home with him.

12. Go on a date with an older man.

13. Spend a LOT of money on a dress or skirt you'll only wear a few times from a store you don't usually shop at. You'll feel like 1,000,000 bucks and it'll show.

14. Get some new hobbies. You owe it to yourself to figure out what you really like to do so you can find someone that shares your interests.

15. Train for some really hard physical endurance test, like a marathon.

16. Go to a bookstore and read for an hour or two. Some calm (sober) alone time will do you good.

17. Be bold. Turn the tables and approach someone you think is good looking.

18. Make a bucket list of restaurants and bars to go to where you live. Feel great checking them off.

19. Go on a date that lasts until 4 a.m., then kiss him goodnight and go your separate ways.

20. Smile. You're worth it.

Do you have your own bucket list?


Image via Emily Abbate

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