5 Sexy But Simple Lingerie Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Love Life

fishnetsSometimes we get in a rut of wearing the same old underwear over and over. You know the ones I'm talking about. The comfy, cotton ones that never ride up even though the elastic is giving out a little. Yeah, those. They aren't sexy. They may as well be birth control. They don't make you feel sexy either. Which is why every now and then we need to treat ourselves to some naughty little underthings. They don't have to be edible or crotchless, though if you're into that sort of thing go for it! But they do have to put you in the mood just by putting them on. Maybe they are frilly, sheer, or lacy. And maybe, most likely, your sex life might get a little hotter just from wearing some lingerie because you'll want to show them off to your lover.

Here are 5 sexy but simple lingerie ideas that are so irresistible they may make your sex life that much hotter.


Meet Claudette. "En Dentelle Intense Garter Thong" ($37) from Faire Frou Frou. Bonjour, Claudette, you naughty minx, you. Don't forget your thigh high stockings with this one.

Check out Victoria Secret's Logo Lace Halter Babydoll ($29.50). Don't bother with the matching underwear, though. Men like it when we wear short skirts and nothing underneath.

Bisou Bisou Kiss Bra ($88) from Free People might not stay on for long, but the sight of it will definitely excite him.

It's no secret I'm not a fan of thongs, but in the name of passion, sometimes it's worth going to extremes. The Copacabana Lace G-String ($13) from Belabumbum is feminine and flirty, and gets bonus points for being in ruby red.

And to play into his desire to tie you up, wear this Peek-a-Boo Side Tie Bikini Panty ($25) by Hanky Panky in classic black lace.

See? Easy to wear styles. Perfect to get in the mood.

Which ones would you wear? Do you put on sexy lingerie to get in the mood?


Main image via thephotographymuse/Flickr

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