Sex Confession: Couple Gets Turned On Watching Neighbors Do the Naughty

open window"Sex Confessions" is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

Karen* and Thomas* are both 30-something -- they've been married for six years and have a couple of kids. Karen says they have never liked living in the neighborhood they currently live in because everyone is too nosy and the houses are too close together. But something changed when the very good looking and childless 20-something couple moved in next door. They became voyeurs. Their neighbors have sex all over the house and they never seems to have the shades down. It's been like a little gift that has ignited Karen and Thomas' struggling sex life. I'll let Karen explain.


Thomas and I never have time for sex ... or so we thought. We were always so busy with something else and when we had a moment to have sex, having sex was kind of the last thing we wanted to do. There was laundry to be done, sports games to be watched, crumbs to vacuum off the floor, and garbage to be taken out. Sex was a chore neither of us volunteered to do.

We were also always complaining to each other about the neighbors. Everyone was too nosy, telling us how our kids are annoying them or too loud or this or that and the houses here are just so close together so you feel like you are living on top of these strangers. Then the young couple moved in next door and everything changed.

We no longer complain about the neighbors or sex. And it's because of the neighbors that we are having sex regularly again. It's because we see them having sex and it's hot! Their apartment was empty for a bit -- the house they live in is owned by the most annoying neighbor ever who rents out the upstairs. But now this incredibly gorgeous and young couple moved in and I'll admit I was nosy and kept an eye on what they were doing over there. No curtains. No blinds are ever down. And then I saw them having sex. Really sexy stuff. Like porn but real! I'm not a fan of porn. But this voyeur stuff, I like. At first it was my secret but then I told Thomas. And now we watch them whenever we can and it turns us on so much that we end up having sex, too. It's brought us closer! Who would have thought!

I haven't run into the neighbors yet and I'm not sure I want to. I like this fantasy of them I have in my head. Plus, I don't want to be friends with them. I just want to watch them.

What do you think of this confession? Have you ever been a voyeur?

*Names have been changed.

Image via Donald Lee Pardue/Flickr

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