Some Women Like a 'Surprise' in Bed in the Middle of the Night

bedDo you like it when your husband starts having sex with you while you are asleep or wakes you up by touching you and initiating groggy, sleep-fueled sex? If you do, you are not alone. This is actually a fantasy many women seem to have.

Some people think it is sick. Other think it is hot. But hey, we could be talking anything sexual, right? Sexual fantasies run the gamut and they are good to talk about because finding out you are normal for liking something kinky is kind of a relief. This discussion was on the Cafe Mom forums this past week as well.

It's a good question. Many women said they want to be left alone while they sleep. Others love the idea of being awakened by sex. Like anything else it seems like the best answer is the one where every person decides for themselves.


That said, a man who does this in the middle of the night WITHOUT consent or without discussing it with his spouse could (rightfully so) be accused of rape. It's a fine line.

In marriage, though, as in sex, anything should go as long as partners both agree. I asked around and found that women are pretty divided on this. Some say it is super hot (I agree) and some say it is horrifying and ooky and they would not enjoy it.

Those in the "yes" camp seem to think it is very masculine and sexy that he was SO attracted to you that he rolled over and needed it NOW (meow!).

Meanwhile those in the "no" camp feel that it is ooky and even borderline non consensual.

Bottom line, of course: Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I am glad to see other women find this practice hot. I thought I was weird for finding it sexy. But my husband knows this. We have been together 12 years at this point. If it is OK between two consenting adults, then it seems like it should be just fine with everyone else.

Do you think this practice is hot?


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