Get Over a Breakup by Shooting a 'Zombie' That Looks Like Your Ex

zombieI know very few people that have ever had a good breakup. You know, the kind of split where both sides come to a mutual decision to end things and there are no hard feelings. They even still check in with each other and have lunch occassionally. For most, the thought of an ex makes you shake with rage at the fact that you wasted years with them. The days that follow are typically filled with revenge fantasies. And now there is a new way to unleash your rage and it's almost too bizarre to believe.


Zombie Industries has created life-size mannequins that look like zombie versions of ex-girlfriends that actually bleed when shot. The tagline: “Be warned, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but a man scorned is nothing to mess with!” It can be withstand more than a 1000 bullets and is filled with bio-degradable "Zombie matter." Yikes! This may be taking that whole revenge fantasy entirely too far.

The target, aptly called "The Ex", sells for $99. The idea that people will be buying these just to riddle their life-like bodies with amo sounds frightening and certainly not a healthy way of letting go. (That said, it's total crap that they don't have a ex-boyfriend version yet!) Whatever happened to just complaining to your friends about her, throwing out the stuff she left in your house, or spreading a mean rumor. But customers seem to really like this option. One man told the company, "The dark haired one looks like my b***h ex-wife, who I HATE! I can’t wait to shoot her face off for taking my s**t.” Whoa. Someone get that guy to a therapist STAT!

I don't think there is anything wrong with target practice in general -- but when you attach a former lover's name and face to it, things get a bit too bizarre. What if some particularly disturbed individual decides to take this fantasy to the next step and really shoot his ex? I am all for expressing your anger -- but there have to be better, less homicidal-like ways to do it.

Would you practice shooting at a target that looks like your ex?


Image via Zombie Industries

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