Man Who Staged Knife Attack to Impress His Date Needs Romance Lessons

Ah, the things young lovers do to impress each other. Long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, poetry, diamonds, knife attacks. Uhh, hold up a minute. What was that last one? Yes, apparently a man thought that a knife-wielding psycho would impress his date. No, I didn't say "scare the living crap out of" his date. I said IMPRESS his date. This seriously confused 26-year-old suitor was reportedly on a walk with his date when a man wearing all black and carrying a large knife came out of the woods and threatened the couple. This was apparently the equivalent of throwing love dust in the young lady's eyes -- or not.


The attacker reportedly told the couple, "You can go, but your girlfriend stays." The woman, however, ran like hell. She called 911. Her date, Jeffrey Siegel, supposedly stayed and fought off the attacker. He told police the psycho slashed him in the chest and wrist before he managed to knee him in the stomach and escape.

Police spent hours canvassing the area, but with no luck. They began to suspect Siegel may have had something to do with the attack when his date told them that something didn't seem "right" about the night and that he'd been texting someone right before the attack. And maybe the guy was just a really bad actor.

Cops then tried to interview Siegel but he wasn't cooperative. Finally, he agreed but police say he seemed "nervous" and like he was hiding something. Eventually, he broke down and confessed that he'd set the whole thing up to impress his date. He told cops he "really liked" her and that "if he did something like this it would help him with his chances with her." I hate to think what could have happened if he didn't like her!

Not surprisingly, the "lucky" lady in question said that Siegel's actions were "not very heroic." No word on whether he got a second date. (Please, please tell me not.)

Men do some really crazy things when they want to marry a woman -- fake their deaths, fake plane crashes, propose on the bottom of the ocean -- but this is a doozy considering the couple had just started dating. Of course, women can do some strange things too: Like tattoo a guy's name on her face after knowing him only 24 hours.

Men, it's easy to impress women. Bring us some flowers. Buy us a nice dinner. Don't try to force sex on us. Be yourself. No knife-wielding psychos needed. In fact, that usually puts a damper on our libido.

I know that might seem totally wacky, but it's true.

Did anyone ever do anything crazy to impress you?


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