12 Gross Things a Husband Should NEVER Do in Front of His Wife

12 gross things men doWe all know the 5 things no woman should ever do in front of her husband. Some folks agree with the stuff, some don't, and no matter what the opinion is, it's completely fine. But I still haven't dropped a deuce around my man and I never will -- trust me. Of course, I can't always smell like rose and be perfect, but I know that I'm not the ONLY one who has to check myself around my dearly beloved. However, he also has some bad habits that are equally gross and I would much rather he keep them in private instead of sharing with me...


12 things no man should do in front of his wife

I also know he isn't alone and some of my friends experience the same "joys" thanks to their oversharing partners. Let's get real, most of the gross things my husband does are things all men do.

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I asked around from some friends, and wow, ladies, some of the things our husbands are doing are just so foul. I mean, seriously? What. The. Hell. Boys, c'mon! Anyway, we want them to stop doing these things in front of us, pronto. I am sure there are women out there who don't mind, but people have different tastes and, in general, for those who want to keep things hot between the sheets, it's best to keep THESE nasty habits in check. Check out all 12 of the things men should not do in front of their wives below and then tell us:

Would you mind if your man did any of these 12 things in front of you?


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