Guy Caught Refusing to Share Ice Cream With Girlfriend & We've Had THAT Fight Before, Too (VIDEO)

ice cream guySome guy with a beard at a basketball game has suddenly shot to fame -- and for the worst reason, too. He's been dubbed "Ice Cream Guy" because he was captured on camera refusing to let his girlfriend take a bite from his ice cream cone! Can you believe this shit?

So there they are at the game. He's enjoying his mint chocolate chip cone. She tries to get a tiny nibble with her spoon. (SPOON, she's even using a spoon, ya big jerk!) And he moves the damn cone away from her. Doesn't he know? Love means never having to buy a whole ice cream cone of your own when all you want is a bite! That's half the reason why you get a boyfriend in the first place. Jeebus, man.


Why so stingy with the sharing? This is such a THING with guys. I have a friend who makes it a rule to never, ever share anything that he orders. And he argues with his wife over this rule all the time. This selfish rule has caused marital strife! And it's so not worth it. I understand wanting to have boundaries, but come on. A little bite? Just a taste? No man ever starved to death because he let someone take a bite of his food.

I feel like I've spent most of my adult life saying this over and over again: Sometimes we just want to taste something. I don't want to buy a whole beer and then feel obligated to drink the whole pint -- I just want to find out how it tastes. I want to eat the trout for dinner, but I also want to see how this restaurant does duck. And the way I feel about sweets is, you pretty much get the point after one or two bites. So what's with a whole big cone all to yourself? Ice cream cones are for sharing. This is how the human race bonds with each other -- through sharing food.

Yes, I AM that woman at your office who cuts cupcakes in half so she can have two different flavors. And while everyone goes back to their cubicles, I may just come back and cut off a sliver from a third. Because that lemon was awful but I wonder if the red velvet is better?

Anyway, I hope this couple's relationship recovers from this heartbreaking incident of food-tasting injustice. But going by that look the girl gives her guy, I'd say it's 50/50. At least he finally gives in at the end.

Do you hate sharing your food -- or does your significant other hate letting you taste his food?


Image via NBAHighlightsClips/YouTube

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