70-Year-Old Twin Prostitutes Retire After 50 Years & 355,000 Men (VIDEO)

Louise and Martine FokkenAnd you thought YOUR job was tiring! Well, here’s a mind-boggling thought: twin 70-year-old prostitutes have finally retired, after turning tricks since before their 20th birthday. Thought to be Amsterdam's oldest "working girls," Louise and Martine Fokkens have been walking the streets for over 50 years, and, they estimate, have had sex with a combined total of 355,000 men.

Why stop now?


The sisters say they’re finally too old for their careers. Um, you think??

And also ... three hundred fifty-five THOUSAND? How is that even possible? That’s over 175,000 MEN EACH, people. They say they got started before they turned 20 (both to escape abusive relationships -- so sad). Rounding that out to 50 years on the job, that would be about 3,550 sex acts a year, or almost 10 men every single day. Is my math right? Because my brain -- and body -- hope not! But that’s not even the most amazing part of this story...

They’re both moms! Louise has four kids, and says that her arthritis started to make some sex acts too painful, so she hasn’t been on duty for a couple of years. Martine, a mother of three, says it’s kind of hard these days to attract new clients, though she won’t be abandoning her weekly sado-maschism session with one elderly fellow. "I couldn't give him up," she says. "He's been coming to me for so long it's like going to church on a Sunday."

Is your jaw dropping yet?

Last year, the hooking sisters (who usually dress in identical red outfits) were the subject of a documentary called Meet the Fokkens, and they’re coming out with a book about their adventures in the sex trade, which will surely be a page-turner. I mean, even if they’re exaggerating and we cut those numbers in HALF, it’s still totally unfathomable isn't it? Sex even a "mere" five times a day with different people?!

And how did they work so much with all those kids? Were they MARRIED? Clearly I need to watch the documentary AND read the book. Here's a sneak peek:

What's the most amazing part of this story to you?!

Image via submarinechannel/YouTube

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