Guy's Creepy Movie Trailer Proposal Is Actually Incredibly Romantic (VIDEO)

engagement ringGotta love the web and its ability to deliver us waaay over-the-top marriage proposals to watch any time we want. Wooo, have there been some crazy ones. For instance, who could forget the must-watch lip-dub? All of the copycats that followed? How 'bout the adorable LEGO one? The in-flight one? Too cute. But of course, there have been some really looney, awkward, downright bizarro ones -- like the one where the guy faked his own death before popping the question. INSANE. And so wrong.

The latest to get our attention sounds like it belongs in the latter category: A guy proposed by splicing his girlfriend into a creepy trailer made from footage of the psychological thriller, The Grey, and action flick, The Bourne Ultimatum. The trailer then played while the unsuspecting girlfriend sat in a movie theater audience, eating popcorn, and getting freaked by seeing herself on the big screen. If it doesn't sound romantic, that's because it actually wasn't ... at first.

See what I mean ...


Ha, I was completely expecting this to be one of those proposals that made me cringe or want to click away. But it actually turned to be incredibly romantic! I especially adore the part where he was walking into the movie theater ... Talk about cinematic, dramatic, heart-pounding! And how sweet was it to watch the expression on her face change from freaked out to amazed, shocked, excited, thrilled?

Plus, I guess if there are moments in your life that you could easily accept being up on a big screen, a marriage proposal is one of 'em! (Thank goodness it wasn't the kiss cam big screen at a sports event. Sorry, but talk about overplayed ways to pop the Q!)

Gotta hand it to this guy. He took a majorly huge risk here. But it was an amazing one, and I have a feeling this happy couple will never see "going to the movies" the same way again.

Did you find this incredibly romantic, too? What's your favorite viral proposal video?


Image via Andrew Abogado/Flickr

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