‘Sex Cereal’ Will Heat Up the Old Breakfast Routine

sex cerealYou do a lot to stay healthy. You exercise. You eat lean protein. You even drink some of those gross green juices every now and again, but! Toronto businessman Peter Ehrilich thinks you're missing something, which is why he's invented Sex Cereal -- a morning meal designed to boost your sexual health.

And in case you're thinking this is some kind of joke, it's not. Ehrlrich is very serious about his product. So serious, in fact, that he's charging $12 a box because the sexually healing ingredients are just that rare.

So, how would a bowl of Sex Cereal supposedly help you?


Welp, the women's blend contains ginger, sunflower seeds, cocoa nibs, and almonds, and the men's has pollen, black sesame, camu camu, wheat germ, and pumpkin seeds. The ingredients are supposed to boost hormonal balance and testosterone, respectively.

Since the beginning of the packaged breakfast cereals, companies have tried everything to get us to buy into whatever it is that they're selling. Whether we're supposed to purchase a box of Wheaties because Olympians eat it, or feed our kids Frosted Flakes because they're grrrreat, or eat Raisin Bran because it sounds healthy, but really, it's coated in sugar, we're used to the cereal propaganda game. It's nothing new and I guess it was only a matter of time before a cereal that promised us better sex penetrated the market.

It might be a little weird when you're pouring yourself a big bowl of sex in the a.m. while trying to get the kids to eat their Cheerios, but hey, if you believe in this kind of thing, why not give it a try?

Just, don't try it if you're my neighbors. I don't wanna hear you munching away morning, noon, and night.

Would you give Sex Cereal a try?


Photo via sexcereal.com

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