I Was Stood Up on a Date & It Hurt More Than I Can Admit

Stood upI guess the title kind of gives away the story. But let me paint the picture.

I got stood up for a date a few weeks ago. Actually, I got canceled on at the last minute which, in the book of Janelle, is the same thing as being stood up. This in spite of an evening revolving around tickets to the Wizards vs. the Bulls which, so far as I thought, a guy wouldn’t bail on. He might find a way to weasel out of a post-game dinner or sexless hang-out time, but seems like the ball action would’ve kept him reeled in until at least the second half. Unless it was a blowout.

But he proved me wrong and now I know, so I won’t be walking around thinking I’m all better-than-being-stood-up-for-professional-sporting-events and whatnot. 


Hello rejection, old friend. We meet again. I like what you’ve done with your hair.

The night wasn’t a total loss. Far from it, in fact. My best friend—my eternal date—showed up in his stead and we had ourselves a good ol’ time. Sure, I plucked and waxed and shaved and fluffed and stuffed and polished in preparation and went out into the wintry cold when I could’ve been home with my Hello Kitty comforter watching a Law & Order marathon (because isn’t there allllways a Law & Marathon on?)

But it was disappointingly not the positive experience and open-hearted welcome I needed in order to walk confidently back into the world of unattached singledom. Especially since I’m still nursing hurt feelings from the breakup heard around the world. Or, at least, the stretch of 95 that used to connect where the ex lives in Delaware and I live in D.C., and now separates us.

That, in case you’re keeping a tally, is two kicks to the curb in the matter of a few months. That’s two more than a fragile gal like me is equipped to handle right now.

At some point, I imagine I’ll sweep my little bits of pride into a pile and reconstruct another attempt to walk boldly back into the dating world. But I’m not ready. There, I admitted it. To myself and to y’all. I’m not ready, to put myself out there to be not good enough to go to a basketball game with or face the potential of another ridiculous mishap. And I’m not going to time myself either.

If the best way to get over one dude is to get hooked up with another one, that dude will be Elliott Stabler. He’s one of the good ones.

Following a gut-wrenching breakup, how long should you wait before you start dating again?

Image via pumpkincat210/Flickr

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