Wife Makes History by Getting Prenup Overturned but We Still Feel Sorry for Her (VIDEO)

elizabeth petrakisThat prenuptial agreement may not be iron-clad after all. A Long Island woman has done what many thought was the impossible. In a landmark case, Elizabeth Cioffi-Petrakis has gotten her prenup overturned. This could be good news for bitter exes everywhere. However, that's not the only way this court crusader is helping others. With the process almost destroying her emotionally and financially, she has created the Divorce Prep Experts to help others through the complicated process that leaves many women destitute. Not only that, she created a now viral video that shows the devastating toll the fight took on her. It's incredibly heartbreaking and profound. Take a look.


What helped her win? She had to show that her millionaire ex husband Peter had coerced her into signing the prenup. She told the judge that  just days before their wedding, he hands her the documents. With no time to wrangle over the details, she felt pressured to sign away her rights to his earnings. She also had to prove that she signed because of promises Peter never intended to follow through on. For example, he promised to ad her to the deed of her home (he didn't) and he said he would tear up the prenup after the birth of their first child (it still existed after three kids). A judge ruled that she had proven "fraud by the unducement of contract."

It's a victory, but one that comes with a high price. Her video is a sad reminder of all the things divorce robs you of. During the years-long battle, she struggled emotionally, financially, and feared for her kid's future. She was a broken women who felt alone and lost. There stands the man who once promised you the world and he is now happy to abandon you and leave you essentially with nothing. The sadness and despair is etched on every inch of her face.

Lucky for Elizabeth and her children, she is a fighter. She didn't give up even when several lawyers failed to help in any way. There was so much she wasn't prepared for. She had to educate herself and learn to advocate for herself. Now she helps others learn from her experience and mistakes. 

Have you ever felt like Elizabeth?


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