Couple Has Best Fight Ever Using Beatles Lyrics & Not Much Else (VIDEO)

couple fightingTypically I can't stand to watch couples fight. It makes me all sorts of uncomfortable, and I want to be nowhere around that kind of heated, intimate debate. The fight the couple in this video has, however, is quite amazing. In fact, I was actually rooting for them to go another couple rounds.

It starts with a pretty typical argument. The guy walks in sad that he lost his job, and the woman confronts him with a bunch of evidence that he's been cheating. But how they go about it is anything but typical as the whole thing is done using only Beatles lyrics -- from 17 different songs. Check it out for yourself after the jump, but be warned, the ending is a bit creepy.


So ending and obnoxious plea for subscriptions by the company that made the video (CDZA)  aside, I think it's pretty great.

Of course when you think about it,  the topics about which couples fight and singers sing are largely limited and universal. "Anger, frustration, forgiveness, and revenge" are persistent themes in both, so it may not be that difficult to do with any major artist and argument.  Life would certainly be much sweeter if we could marry the two more often and arguments involved more singing than shouting. 

What do you think of this video? What do you fight about most with your significant other?


Image via YouTube

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