8 of the Sexiest Things Women Do ... Outside the Bedroom

When guys think about a sexy woman (y'know, other than their wives), they think of the usual physical traits. The blond hair. Big boobs. Curvy hips. Not to mention the low-cut tops, Daisy Duke shorts, and high heels.

But there's so much more to being sexy than just the physical. I know, I know. A guy is admitting this. It's true, though. Honestly, a strong, confident woman can be just as alluring as Kate Upton. She'd be even more alluring if she looked like Kate, but that's neither here nor there.

What I'm saying is that yes, our society is hooked on looks. And with the evils of Photoshop running rampant in magazine spreads everywhere, the myth of perfection seems very real. Thing is, you can't date a magazine. At least not legally in the 50 states.

So instead, plant your feet on the ground and realize that all women are sexy in their own way. Some more than others. And ladies, want to know a few things that actually turn guys on? Here's a look at 8 of them:


Phallic Food -This one's really no secret. But if you think it's just a joke, you're pretty mistaken. Seeing a woman eat a banana or lick a lollipop in a very slow, methodical way is enough to drive even Willy Wonka bonkers.

Oh, Suzanna! - Like 90 percent of my classmates, I had a huge crush on Suzanna Hoffs from The Bangles when I was a kid. Remember that "Walk Like an Egyptian" video? Yeah. Remember that split-second scene where Suzanna does that little thing with her eyes where they move from right to left? Sigh. Yeah, that.

Stem Research - Like something out of P.T. Barnum's Circus, some women can take a cherry stem, put it in their mouth and with nothing but their tongue, tie it into a knot. We call these women blessed.

You Smelled It - Women just inherently smell good. Maybe it's all the bubble baths. Or the hand lotions and creams they use. Or the 19 different types of perfume. But the ol' olfactory senses really can do wonders in luring the opposite sex. Guys, on the other hand -- we pretty much just stink.

Laugh Track - When a woman is having a really great time laughing, where she just lets her guard down and has fun, it really can have an affect on guys. Unless, of course, that woman is Fran Drescher.

Guitar Hero - Music is a key ingredient in setting the mood. But there's just something special about seeing a woman pick up an electric guitar and start rocking out. Maybe because it's fairly unusual or maybe because music has a way of baring someone's soul. Or it could just be all that long hair flying around.

Trampoline Jumping - Seriously, do I really need to explain this one?

Name It - Just having a conversation with a woman might be all some guys ever hope for. But what really holds our attention is something surprisingly innocent ... our names. When the woman you're talking to calls you by name, she most definitely has gotten you to listen.

What does your man find sexy about you?

Image via Iryna Yeroshko/Flickr

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