Washington, D.C. Named Top City for Affairs & Is Now Officially a Cheater’s Paradise

washington monumentIt's official. Washington, D.C., is the number one city for cheaters.

It's the second year in a row the nation's capital has earned the raunchy honor, according to AshleyMadison.com (a site that matches married people who want to have affairs). I am sure it doesn't come as much of a surprise to people following the biggest scandals in recent months. The head of the CIA, General Petraeus, was caught with his pants down ... literally. But this dubious distinction doesn't have to be a black mark on the city's reputation. In fact, they can make it work for them.


Ashley Madison also added that the city has the highest percentage of men over 50 seeking affairs. Hate to say it, but no surprise there. Everyone already has a pretty low opinion of politicians, the power players, and their backroom deals in D.C. When word of an affair leaks about one of them, we barely bat an eye.

Sure, it's a bit despicable, but being ranked America's Least Faithful City should make them rethink their entire approach to tourism. Yes, the many monuments and historical landmarks are a big draw, but embracing this seedy side could be a big boost too. They should consider changing their tourism slogan to something along the lines of "D.C. the District of Cheaters." Bill it as the perfect place of adulterers and it could do for the capital what prostitution has done for certain counties in Nevada. I bet tourism and population rates would soar.

D.C. was followed by Austin, Texas, Houston, Texas, Miami, Florida, and then Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Do you think DC should embrace their sexy status?

Image via CrimsonMage/Flickr

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