Letting Yourself Go Could Seriously Hurt Your Marriage

working outOne way to greatly improve our love as a couples is to work out together. If that sounds insane or impossible to you, consider this: experts say couples who work out together have better "synchronicity, cooperative spirit and shared passion," which leads, overall, to a more satisfying marriage and partnership.

It makes sense.

For many couples, working out separately can become a contentious issue when one spouse gets more workout time than another or one feels the other is NOT working out enough. Oh yes. Seriously. And personally, I agree. Unless there is some kind of physical reason that a person can't exercise, working out ought to be a part of the marriage vows. Call me insane, but a spouse who lets themselves go is not a good one.


Granted, it is easy for me to say. I generally love working out and for a long time, running was a huge part of my life. I ran marathons and more. If anything, in my marriage, working out has been an issue. I can't tell you how angry my husband gets when I even begin to mention yet another marathon to him.

It makes sense. When I am training, I take hours on Sunday morning to run. And run. And run. Once my run is done, my legs are often shot, which means I am out of commission for the full day. I get his problem with it.

But I also know my husband would prefer that to the alternative. For the last few years, he has had trouble getting to the gym and it was bothering him. But it was also bothering me. He was less happy as he gained weight and missed the release of the gym.

As for me, when I skip a workout I am a nightmare to be around. So yeah. Working out matters. For so many reasons. As we age, taking care of ourselves becomes more and more important. It is harder to stay thin, harder to find the time to work out, and, of course, that IS the time we most need it.

People have been left for dumber things than letting themselves go. It's not just about appearance. It's about how we respect ourselves and the time we carve out for our relationships.

So yes. Work out together. But if you can't, at least find the time to work out, period. The couple who works out together stays together, but so does the couple who each workout. Make the time. It might save your marriage.

Do you manage to work out together?



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