Couples Show Their True Selves After Only 3 Years of Marriage but Is That So Bad?

When is the honeymoon officially over? Ah, the perennial question. For some, it never ends. For some, it never starts. But what about the rest of us? A new poll claims that the "honeymoon period" is over after three and a half years. Sheesh. Not a very long honeymoon, eh? After this amount of time, couples apparently start showing some very worrying signs -- preferring sleep over sex, going to bed at different times, eating in different rooms, and gazing adoringly at the television screen instead of at their spouse.


But some other signs that couples are no longer in the "courtship" phase and have moved into the "Who are you and what are you doing in my living room?" phase seem like just normal living together to me. For instance, it's after three years that couples begin showing their true colors. They wear sweats to bed, fart in front of each other, leave the toilet seat up, stop wearing makeup around the house, stop shaving, and begin watching what they want on TV and not giving a crap what the other person wants.

But isn't this what marriage is about?!! You mean you have to keep up that whole charade of pretending to like college basketball AFTER you're married?! You have to continue to hold gas until your stomach hurts?! You have to continue to buy expensive lingerie?!!!

If that's the case, then why not just stay single and at least get the benefit of a new sex partner once in awhile? Dang.

But other things -- well, it's a shame they have to end so soon. Apparently along with the farts and hogging the TV, couples also stop saying "I love you"; aren't excited to spend time with each other; and celebrating Valentine's Day goes by the wayside. If it's that way only three years in, it's gonna be a loooooong marriage.

I say some things you have to hold sacred: Saying "I love you" should be one. Spending time alone, another. I also happen to be big on not watching TV in separate rooms, and eating dinner together when possible. Date nights? Huge!

But other things couples should just accept about each other. If you don't know by year three that your spouse farts, then I can't imagine what kind of partner you're going to make for the long haul. There will probably come a time when your wife or husband has an illness and you'll see/hear some less than pleasant bodily functions. Uh, hello, not to mention childbirth. There's something that will make you realize you're not married to a Barbie doll.

And that's a good thing. That's what real love is. It's not something out of a rom-com or glossy magazine. But if you want to shut the door when you crap, I'd be totally cool with that.

At what year did your true self and your partner's true self come out? What did they do?


Image via The Sean and Lauren Spectacular/Flickr

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