Valentine's Day Is Just a Big Scam Disguised as Love

You may not know it, but I'm actually a pretty sensitive guy. I can get mushy like the rest of them and really enjoy treating my wife to a romantic evening when I can. But despite that, I have to say this about that little "holiday" coming up this week: Valentine's Day is the biggest crock.

Just another one of those made-up Hallmark holidays, V-Day regularly spreads far more pain than love. First, there are all the people out there who aren't married, dating, or in a serious relationship. Or worse, there are those who just broke up with someone or are going through a rough divorce. Valentine's Day is just a way of the calendar giving those folks the middle finger.


But that's not what I really dislike about this bogus holiday. I love my wife. I love her each and every day. More with each passing 24 hours. So who the hell are the greeting card companies and the chocolate makers and the florists and the jewelry people (I need a scapegoat here, so they all get my wrath) to tell me WHEN and HOW I should express my love for her?

What, so I can ignore my wife for 364 days of the year and treat her like utter garbage, but then buy her candy and roses on February 14 and all is forgiven? Or maybe I forgot that I'm supposed to say those three special words to her and I need to be reminded once every year. Puhleeze.

Thankfully, my wife is on the same page as me. Valentine's Day is just another day. If I don't celebrate it, does that mean that I don't love my wife? Of course not. If I don't celebrate it, does it mean I won't tell her I love her? Definitely not. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

I buy my wife gifts all the time. I gift her songs from iTunes. Call her nauseatingly cute animal names. Text her little affectionate notes. Tell her I love her dozens of times a day. I do it all and I do it often. I don't save it up for one specific day.

Now, when we were first dating and even a few years into our marriage, I'd buy my wife cards, presents, chocolates, and even take her to dinner on Valentine's Day. I sent her a dozen long-stemmed roses one year when she was a teacher. Her students loved that one.

I get the allure, the appeal of buying into the whole hearts and chocolate lovefest. But the entire premise is just ridiculous. I know so many women who get so upset on Valentine's Day because they aren't dating anyone and they feel awful and useless for some crazy reason. And then there are the guys who are in relationships but they just started dating, so they're clueless about what to do.

Overall, it's just one hot mess. I for one won't be partaking in any Valentine's Day festivities this year. Well, except for maybe eating a chocolate heart or two. But that's only for the chocolate, not the love.

Do you buy into the whole Valentine's Day hype?

Image via Trevor Owens/Flickr

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