Sexy Victoria’s Secret Models Strip Down & Tell Men What Women REALLY Want (VIDEO)

victoria's secret

A few of the very beautiful Vicky's Secret models stripped down to their work attire to decode "lady talk" to dudes all across the world in time for St. Valentino Day. While I don't think any of the girls will be nominated for an Oscar any time soon, they're fun to look at (if you like feeling like a disgusting slob), and their message holds some truth. I.E., what do ladies really mean when they say, "Do you think my friend is pretty?"

Anyone? Gloria Steinem? Betty Friedan?


Check it out:

Laydees? Who's with these ladies? Despite the fact the whole picking up a heart with their talking face on it is a god-awful concept for a commercial (really, it's just weird), do you agree with the sentiments? I hate to be lumped into a group with Victoria's Secret models (j/k I love it), but I definitely take longer than five minutes when I say, "I'll only be five minutes, dear!" Such a girl!

Here's what else I mean:

When I say, "Is it cool if we watch Real Housewives?", I mean, "I might kill myself if I don't see what happens between Brandi and Adrienne."

When I say, "Did you walk the dog?", I mean, "I definitely didn't walk the dog, and I don't want to. At all."

When I say, "Are you cold?", I mean, "Are we in Antarctica? It's freezing in this piece!"

When I say, "I love that shirt", I mean, "Thank you for not wearing that the gray hooded sweatshirt with chocolate ice cream stain you've been wearing for the past seven months."

I could go on, but I have other things to write. But yeah, we ladies be crazy, huh?

Do you ever say something but mean something different?

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