Be Careful What You Share With Your Significant Other -- It Could Be Used Against You

dead roseLike sexting your husband or boyfriend? Well, you might not feel so free and easy with the sex videos and risque photos once you read this. Oh, it's super cute when that mom hands off an eyebrow-raising video to her husband on his way out of town in that smartphone ad. But how safe is that video, really?

A new study by McAfee on "Love, Relationships and Technology" sure paints a dark picture of what happens when love goes wrong. Exes threaten to release nude photos to the public, stalk you on Facebook, and log into your banking account! How much electronic trust should you give your Valentine?


Here's what the study found:

  • About 1 in 10 Americans have had an ex threaten to reveal sexy photos because of lying (45.3 percent), cheating (40.6 percent), or a break-up (26.6 percent). About 60 percent of the time they actually follow through on that threat. Eek!
  • About half of us share our passwords with our partners. This makes us sooo vulnerable for revenge if there's a nasty breakup.
  • Over half of the people surveyed admitted to cyber stalking: Checking their SO's social media pages and bank accounts. Half admit they peek into emails. WORSE: People track their exes on Facebook even more than they do their current partners.
  • About 12 percent of adults have had personal info leaked without their permission. This could include bank account numbers (!!!), health insurance info, social security numbers, email accounts, and passwords. Sick stuff, people.

A lot of this is information married people and people in long-term relationships share without a second thought. I doubt many of us would hand over our social security numbers to some guy we slept with one night -- though maybe you shouldn't keep your info lying around on the bedside just in case.

Obviously you want to keep all your personal information private -- and there are ways to do that (there's a helpful infographic with tips below). Clearly you need to change your passwords and info immediately when you break up or separate.

But what about all those sexy Valentines photos and videos? Have we reached the point where it's becomming too dangerous to do that? Will we return to ye olden practice of giving people printed-out photos instead of electronic photos? (Oh wait, you can always scan those...) I think most of us adults hand off nakey pics only to people we think we'll be with forever, right? So then why are there so many angry ex-boyfriends posting sex videos? Maybe we'll eventually get to the point where sex videos and photos actually have no meanining because they're so easily shared. That's kind of a sad thought.


How much do you trust your partner with your personal information and photos?


Image via daGoaty/Flicker, McAfee


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