10 Things a Guy Will Say If He Wants to Cheat

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A couple years ago, I went to a dinner party. The husband and wife hosting it were nice, good-looking, pleasant, and seemed really in love. But over the course of the evening, as I was chatting with the husband, I began to get the uneasy feeling that he was ... hitting on me. But this can't be, I thought. His wife is in the kitchen. Like, 10 feet away. She just cooked dinner. He just kissed her!  Long story short, it turned out that the guy dated other women. 

And here's the kicker: He claimed his wife was "fine" with it. Only ... they'd never quite discussed it. He just knew she knew. And she was okay with it. So he said. Yeah, I didn't buy it either. Even if I did, I wasn't interested.

It's insane what some guys will say in order to cheat. They would be much better off just getting a divorce if they want to live the single life so bad. A divorced dad (or divorced man in general) has WAY more of a shot than a cheating one does! Here are 10 excuses guys use when they want to cheat.

  • 1. "She knows and is okay with it." 

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    I suspect guys who think this genuinely have convinced themselves of it -- it's easier than thinking of themselves as being cheaters.

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  • 2. "She doesn't like sex."

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    Hmm. Maybe not with you -- because you're a cheater.

  • 3. "She's not interested in sex with me." 

    guy cheating on girl in bed

    That can't be true, considering you have three kids. And even if it is true, try therapy.

  • 4. "She wouldn't care." 

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    Then there's no problem in asking her, right?

  • 5. "We're just together for the children."

    guy cheating on girl

    Then maybe you should be faithful for the children too?

  • 6. "She knew what I was like when she married me." 

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    Oh please. Women think marriage changes everything.

  • 7. "We're getting divorced."

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    Have they filed? Look it up online. Ask to see the papers.

  • 8. "We're separated." 

    guy flirting with girl

    Call me when you're divorced. Or not.

  • 9. "She's gay." 

    guy flirting with girl

    Then get divorced.

  • 10. "She doesn't understand me." 

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    That makes two of us.

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