Real-Life Dominatrix Tells How to Bring '50 Shades' Sex Into Your Bedroom

paddleNot everyone understands the world's obsession with Fifty Shades of Grey. At first look, it seems like just another cheesy, romance novel. Well, it has become so much more than that for one simple reason. That best-selling book series has given millions of women a tantalizing peek into a taboo world. In fact, it has inspired readers to think about sex in an entirely different light.

Problem is, most people are still too shy or just too clueless about BDSM (Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism) to create their own Red Room of Pain-inspired nights. So we've enlisted the help of an expert to show you how to bring whips, chains, and nipple clamps into your bedroom. New York-based dominatrix Mistress Darcy ( walks The Stir through how to turn "vanilla sex" into a passion so hot it would make Anastasia Steele jealous.


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If you are intimidated by the thought if it, that's normal. Before Mistress Darcy was Mistress Darcy, she too had many reservations. "I thought it was pretty freaking weird," she admits. But if something about Christian Grey's sex sessions jumps out at you, "that little tickling in your tummy that's saying, 'This is interesting' is a sign. That’s a flag going up that deep down somewhere that you might actually really be into this." Though she admits, it's not always easy for a women to ask her man to get kinky, so here is how to get started.

Has Fifty Shades of Grey inspired you to liven up your sex life?

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