What Do Real Moms Want on Valentine’s Day In & Out of the Bedroom? Tell Us!

good in bed logoLet's talk about sex! Of course everyone understands the basics, but do you really know everything you need to know? Sex ed is especially important this time of year, as Valetine's Day looms just two weeks away. So GoodInBed.com creator and sex expert Ian Kerner is gathering data from real moms about love, romance, and knockin' boots and he needs your help!


Kerner's new study delves into every aspect of sex. Did you know that nearly 70 percent of men and women expect to get busy during the week of Valentine's Day?

Other critical, Cupid-inspired questions: Does Valentine's Day inspire you to new heights of romance? Or does it totally bum you out? Is fun in the bedroom on Valentine's Day night a done deal, or is it a roll of the dice? Will you give or receive lingerie? If so, will it actually get worn?

Whether you are single or in a relationship, be sure to offer your advice and expertise to GoodInBed.com, so they can figure out what good sex is all about.

Do you look forward to Valentine's Day?


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