Men Who Do 'Female' Chores Have Less Fun in the Bedroom & That Seems About Right

men doing female choresA new study that will appear in the February issue of the American Sociological Review makes the shocking claim that husbands who do more "traditionally female" housework have less sex. Yowza. It seems that perhaps the traditional gender roles do something to the old libido that more egalitarian households aren't getting. Even still, I know in MY marriage, there is nothing in the world that turns me on more than my husband actually doing chores well.

Last week, the man organized our entire play room BY HIMSELF, and I swear to you, I have never found him more attractive. Call me crazy, but wow. That's hot.

There is something about a man who is willing to put aside childish "gender" concerns and put on an apron or try to cook or comfort a child or do any number of "female" tasks that is undeniably sexy ... And yet. In my heart of hearts, I also kind of get it, too.


As someone who considers themselves a feminist and also believes in a marriage based on friendship and loyalty and equal division of labor, I must say it pains me to admit this. But my husband's successes in the kitchen or in the cleaning realm are far less intoxicating to me than his successes in other areas.

Seeing him sweaty after fixing a car or dirty after cleaning the gutters or tired after some kind of manual labor is all really, really hot.

Sure, any time he is busy around the house, it's sexy. And I would hate to say that only women can do traditionally female tasks. But which one makes me want to jump his bones more? If I had to choose? Definitely the male ones ...

That's SO bad. But there is something about an aggressively manly man that remains a turn-on. Guilty as charged.

Now, I just hope my husband never reads this. Obviously, there is a whole other side to this study, which is that men who don't help around the house are going to end up in marriages where the woman is unhappy. And THAT will lead to less sex. So ladies, I see only one solution. Let's all make a national pact to have MORE sex with our husbands when he cooks and cleans and less when he sits on his butt watching football. Sound good?

Do you find your husband's chores sexy?


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