Self-Love -- The Best Kind of Love

Woody Allen said it best, "Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone you love." It's the truth. Being able to pleasure yourself is one of the most important types of sex you'll have. Through masturbation, you can learn what turns you on and what doesn't. And through trial and error, you'll learn how to be a better lover. I have a whole drawer of sex toys that I've practiced on.

Here are some tips for learning to practice self-love.


1) Don't be shy with a bit of erotica. If it turns you on, go ahead and watch some erotic movies or read an erotic book. There's no harm in being turned on by what you read and see.

2) Try out the toys. There are zillions of sex toys in the world and not all of them will get you hot and bothered. That is why you should try out different sex toys in order to figure out which works.

3) Set the mood. Don't hesitate to light some candles and slip into something more comfortable before pleasuring yourself.

4) Water works. A lot of women find that using a shower head or the faucet on the tub works well to help them achieve orgasm. Sex toy manufacturers also make water-resistant sex toys if water play is your idea of a good time.

5) Don't be afraid to experiment. If you've always used a particular toy or position, do a quick search online to find out different ways to achieve orgasm. I assure you, when it comes to pleasuring yourself, there's no such thing as too much information.

6) Try phone sex at least once. While it may be a total flop for you, a lot of women enjoy masturbating with a partner over the phone, especially if he or she is away on business.

7) Bring your partner into your self-love sessions. Mutual masturbation can be extremely erotic!

8) Fantasize. One of the best ways to get hot and bothered and ready for self-love is to fantasize about someone or a situation that you find especially sexy.

What are your tips for self-love?


Image via soundlessfall/Flickr

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