Creepy 'Origami Condom' Was Obviously Designed By a Man (VIDEO)

I am all for improvements in condom technology. A condom that's easier to put on, provides more pleasure, and avoids the potential allergens in latex? Hey, great idea! And who doesn't like the idea of a condom that's more flexible and reduces breakage? In fact, everything about the prototype "Origami Condom" sounds absolutely fantastic ... until you see it in action.

That's when things get a little, um, disturbing. Because this silicone, fluid-lined condom that's "supposed to mimic the vaginal environment" is SERIOUSLY weird looking, and you can't help but wonder if the designers gave any consideration to whether or not women would appreciate this fancy new approach to safe sex.

Ladies, you'll want to see this enthralling Origami Condom demonstration, and decide for yourself if you'd be willing to experience it in person.


Here's a video of the Origami Condom being compared to a regular condom. Now, I'm not sure how I'd grade this video -- is it safe for work if it doesn't technically show a penis? -- but we should probably err on the side of caution: this clip involves dildos, rubbers, and a pair of disembodied hands doing a lot of Demonstrative Stroking. In other words, maybe don't hit play if the kids or your boss are around:

Sooooo, is it just me, or all those ridges a little terrifying? I feel like being on the receiving end, so to speak, would be really uncomfortable. And there would be weird noises. And it sort of looks like it might peel off altogether and be left behind after the party's over.

Plus, I know existing condoms are far from perfect, but the bumbling way the guy puts on the regular one is just tragic. Like, dude, is this seriously your at-home method? I feel sorry for his partner, is all I'm saying. It reminds me of those As Seen On TV people where they can't do anything right:

Anyway, it may be that the Origami Condom works better as a solo sex toy, since all those ridges and the fluid lining are meant to "stimulate sex without a condom for a man." In other words, it's strong enough for a man ... but mayyyyybe not exactly made for a woman.

What do you think of the Origami Condom? Would you give it a try?

Image via Origami Condom

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