5 Signs He Would Rather Date Your Brother

anderson cooperIt's easy to see why the ladies love Anderson Cooper. He is genuinely nice and has a great sense of humor, not to mention awesome listening skills. So I am not surprised that, while openly gay now, he had his share of female admirers before he came out. "The few times when I would go on a date with a girl -- like when I was 12 -- there was a lot of sharing and a lot of talking, and a lot of asking how I am," he said on his daytime talk show. "They thought we were dating ... and I was sort of hoping to meet their brothers."

That scenario isn't so uncommon. I have a college friend that dated a guy who came out a few years after they split. While we were all dropped-jawed, she wasn't shocked at all. She didn't want to admit it to herself at the time, but the writing was always on the wall. Here, she says, are the 5 signs he would rather date your brother.

  1. He is more complimentary to your brother than he is to you. That is not to say he is always gushing about the guy. But if he is overly interested in your bro's personal life, style, and physique while totally overlooking the fact you just chopped off eight inches of hair, she warns you are probably not the sibling he's most into.
  2. He ogles and talks about cute guys as much as you do. You may think it's great that he is so secure in his masculinity that he can say when another man is attractive -- but it's a rare straight man that will admit to how hot George Clooney is.
  3. He admitted to having sex with a man once before. Of course you can just attribute this to a brief, experimental phase, but there's a chance he might not be ready to admit the truth.
  4. He doesn't mind gay porn. Watching a racy video with your man can be a big turn-on, but most straight guys won't tolerate guy-on-guy action. 
  5. He's game for a threesome -- with another guy. Again, that would be a no-go for the majority of heterosexual guys. She says consider the fact he may be gay, bi, or perhaps testing the waters to figure out which.

Of course these rules are not absolute. I am sure there are plenty of straight guys who are open-minded enough to do everything on this list. But if you've ever wondered if your man was gay, don't ignore your inner voice. You just might be right.

Have you ever dated someone you knew was gay?

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