5 White Lies It's OK to Tell Your Husband Once in a While

lying in a marriageIn a marriage, it's never OK to lie, right? We are supposed to be honest ALL the time. But let’s face it, there are some things we don’t want to tell him. And that’s OK. There are many things he's just better off not knowing.

For instance, has he ever asked you if something makes him look fat? If yes, then trust me, even if the answer IS yes, it's NEVER yes. Never. Always no. Repeat after me.

What about the times he wants sex and you just don’t? Do you ever say how tired you are or that you feel a little sick or that you had a long day even when none of it is true? If so, then you have lied. Admit it. We all do. Here are five lies it’s OK to tell your man once in a while:


1.) No, honey, he wasn't that cute: Picture this. You just left Les Miserables starring the adorable (handsome, sexy, large, strong) Hugh Jackman and your man is feeling a little insecure. If this were you, would you REALLY want him telling you that Amanda Seyfried is so beautiful, especially when you are rocking the top knot and J.Crew Saturday pants? I think not. He would lie to you. You should do the same.

2.) I have a headache: It’s a cliché for a reason. There are some nights sex just sounds really unappealing. But he doesn't need to hear that. All he needs to know is that he’s not getting laid for a good reason. So give him one. Even if it’s a lie.

3.) You look great: Men get insecure, too. They want to know how their shoes look with those jeans or if their button-down is too tight. Sometimes it's good to be honest. But sometimes they just want to hear they look good. Even if they don’t.

4.) I didn't notice you put on any weight at all!: Yes. We did. But there is a time and place for honesty, and when he is feeling low or bad about himself is NOT that time.

5.) It was on sale: While generally I am not one to condone lying about money and, in general, you shouldn't, men do get all bent out of shape about things they don’t get. Like, yes, some women pay $200 jeans. This shouldn't be that shocking. But for some men it is. If you tell them things are on sale, sometimes they relax. Sometimes they don’t. But, you know, that’s a discussion for another time.

Do you ever lie to your spouse?


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