12 Things Men Do to Be Nice That Women Think Are Creepy

Chivalry isn't dead -- it's just following you around with a gleam in its eye, looking mighty suspicious. That's the conclusion of a new survey that says that acts of chivalry -- like opening doors for ladies, offering to carry her heavy bags, or even paying for dinner -- are so rare that women view them suspiciously. I have to say that's true. I remember a guy who insisted on walking me home in the rain after a date. He had an umbrella and I didn't, so he nicely offered to keep the umbrella over my head until I made it home. But I could only view this unusual offer with suspicion and kept thinking that he probably only wanted to know where I lived -- so maybe he could stalk me. Sad, I know. But once you get one stalker, you're never quite the same.

Here are 12 chivalrous acts women might view suspiciously.


Walking you home. As I related, when a guy offered to do this for me, I kept worrying that now he would know where I lived. The whole time we walked, I kept saying things like, "You don't need to walk me home. Seriously. YOU DON'T NEED TO WALK ME HOME." But he insisted, and we got right up to my door. But then I refused to enter until he left because I didn't want him to see the number of my apartment. Prudent or overly suspicious?

Carrying your bags. Sorry, but if some guy I've never met before offered to carry my bags, the first thing I'm going to think is that he's going to try and run off with them.

Walking on the street side of the sidewalk. I once dated a man who always had to walk on the street side. He'd even leap around, mid-walk, to get there. I began to think maybe he only wanted me to see one side of his face. I finally asked him about it, and he said that in case a car ever splashed water or dirt our way, he'd be the one to take the brunt of it. That had never occurred to me!

Locking the passenger side door. Accckkkk! Why's he locking the door?!! Help!!!

Offering you a ride home. Stranger danger!

Calling you to say goodnight. He just wants to make sure you're home.

Turning off his phone during dinner. Maybe he doesn't want the other woman to call.

Always offering to pay. He wants sex.

Cutting up your food. He has some creepy child fetish.

Ordering for you. Control freak.

Offering you his seat. I'd probably faint if this ever happened to me. That's how strange it would be.

Bringing you flowers. Unless it's Valentine's Day, he did something wrong and feels guilty.

There are some chivalrous things that I personally love and don't view with suspicion, such as offering his coat on a cold day (so sweet) and opening a door. But yeah, I agree that some acts of chivalry can be downright suspicious. Sad, but that's the world these days.

Do you ever view acts of chivalry with suspicion?


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