28 Things No Woman Wants to Do in Front of Her Husband

28 Things No Woman Wants to Do in Front of Her Husband
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One of the best things about long-term relationships and love is getting to that extremely comfortable level with another person from the inside out. After 10 years of marriage, partners have likely done most things in front of one another -- from peeing to having babies to laughing until soda comes out of their noses. Spending all that time with one another is bound to create some embarrassing and awkward moments. But no matter those moments and how close a couple may be, there's something to be said for keeping some distance in certain circumstances. It makes the heart grow fonder, after all. 

No matter how much love there is between two people in a marriage or relationship, some things will always be cringe-worthy to do in front of a significant other. Women are (incorrectly) expected to be delicate flowers that just naturally glow into the beautiful goddesses we present ourselves as. Before marriage, our partners see us in our most tip-top form. Hair is brushed, skin is smooth, and bodily functions are kept in check.

What they don't see is the ball of knots our hair is before we run a brush through it. They miss the wax on the upper lip to get the smooth skin, and believe us, our bodily functions are most definitely functioning when they're not around. And once marriage hits, they are bound to catch us in one of the acts. 

But the thing is none of us are alone in these "embarrassing" moments. Here are 28 aspects of an all-too-human existence that many people wish they could steer clear of doing when their partner's around.

  • Zoom in on Finances


    No matter how long a couple spends together, and no matter how important it is to communicate about money, it can still feel cringe-worthy to expose certain nitty-gritty details of personal finances to anyone -- even a spouse. The fact is that giving the bank account, credit card statement, or credit report a peek as a couple is one of those things that really just needs to happen. But that doesn't mean there's no anxiety around it. 

  • Picking Noses



    This is one of those dry heave-inducing necessary evils that most of us can agree is best done in utter solitude (like in the bathroom with the door closed!), if at all. And if a person's gotta do it 'cuz let's be real: there are times it cannot be helped -- there's always the option to just blow the nose, right?

  • Cutting Toenails


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    Granted, some people are more comfortable with feet and foot hygiene in general. But if it feels comfier to venture to the salon solo or trim toenails behind closed doors, it's also totally normal.

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  • Pick a Wedgie


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    That cute thong isn't just going to readjust itself, obviously. But if someone happens to see their partner mid-picking motion, it could well turn a face beet red. 

  • Floss Teeth


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    Sure, it can actually be kind of fun to stand in the bathroom side-by-side following the dental hygienist's advice. But for those who aren't regular flossers, or who happened to chow down on something particularly stinky or noxious, dealing with that whole mess in front of the honey can definitely feel cringe-y. 

  • Shaving the Face

    Some do this as a means of exfoliation. Or hair removal. Either way, it feels like one of those personal grooming moments that shouldn't be done in front of, well, anyone -- even a partner.

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  • Pop a Zit


    We all get pimples, ingrowns, blemishes, etc., and there's a chance of having popped one for the spouse at one time (like on their back in that one spot he can never reach!). But those who prefer not to share the zit-popping practice with bae are not alone!

  • Belch


    Oops! Whether a big take-out meal or another cause of GI stress is to blame, sometimes there's no way to stop this from happening. But that doesn't mean if feels any less mortifying when it does. Ugh. 

  • Remove Hair



    We covered the facial shaving, right, but what about waxing the belly strip, plucking chin hairs, or shaving the armpits? No matter what kind of hair removal is needed, some are more comfortable in a locked bathroom or at the salon.

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  • Poop


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    Sure, everyone does it, but it's just one of those things we'd all rather do 100 percent alone. Not in front of friends, co-workers, sisters ... but particularly not anywhere near a significant other. That said, the day may come when it's unavoidable (like during labor). And in that case, oh well -- it's only natural!

  • Gossip, Especially About Family Members

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    Of course there's a need to vent about the mother-in-law from time to time, but it may be best if honey is out of earshot when that time comes. After all, being caught with a foot in the mouth is never a good look, but it's particularly icky if it happens with the spouse.  

  • Have a Fight With the Parents or Siblings

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    We all want our significant others to see us at our best, but sometimes, our parents or siblings are particularly skillful at bringing out our worst side. No matter how understanding a partner may be of the never-ending drama with mom or perpetual discord with an older brother, having massive conflict erupt in front of him or her can leave a person feeling downright icky.

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  • Step on the Scale


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    Plenty of us would prefer to give this damn thing zero power over our emotional well-being, because it can feel like a completely BS way to measure wellness. A person be tempted to throw it out -- and some actually have. If not, wanting to have a private moment when stepping on is totally fair. And feeling even a bit of anxiety around doing it in front of the partner is also completely normal. 

  • Letting It All Hang Out


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    Sure, nudity can be hot as hell, and it often -- if not almost always! -- is to the hubby. But when  doing chores or other mundane tasks where it's necessary to bend and move around, having all the junk on display in front of the spouse can feel seriously awkward.

  • Pass Gas


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    Most don't want this to happen in front of anyone, right, but especially not a lover. No matter how normal it is, or how tempting it might be to cast blame on that potentially spoiled lunch, the fact remains that the sense of smell correlates with memory. And the scents associated with flatulence are basically 180 degrees from sexy. So, whenever this happens (and it will, oh -- it will), it's understandable if the knee-jerk reaction is plain and simple shame. 

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  • Sport a Facial Mask


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    This may well be one of those personal grooming things that just feels better to do while enjoying "me time" -- that time spent away from eyes that may be prying at every single pore and facial crevice emphasized by that funky green mud mask.

  • Take Out Any Sort of Dental Device

    woman looking in mirror at teeth
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    Whether it's whitening strips, a night guard, or retainers, removing dental devices from the mouth can be enough to gross a person out! Given how much spit or bad breath might be involved, it's just one of those things some prefer to do in complete privacy. (Then again, if the partner's the type to drool all over his or her pillow in the middle of the night, maybe it's not worth giving an eff about this one!)

  • Sweating Buckets While Working Out


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    When exercising hard enough to need a towel in the first place: bravo, queen! But ugh, dripping buckets of sweat can feel like one of those nasty things to gross even oneself out. It's understandable to steer clear of doing it in front of the sweetheart. 

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  • Pull On Tight Pants or Shapewear


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    Whether dealing with tights, shapewear, or stiff jeans, this can be one of the most awkwardly "choreographed," potentially aggravating things to do all day. So, no surprise in trying to avoid having it be this whole production the partner's privy to.

  • Watch Trashy TV or Listen to Cheesy Music


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    Whether one's guilty pleasure is tuning into the Kardashians or blasting One Direction, getting a certain kind of pop culture fix may be an indulgence that shouldn't have an audience.

  • 'Leak' 


    We all super hate it when Aunt Flo comes to town -- but when she moves in all over our panties and bedsheets right where other folks (like our husbands) can see her? Well she just crosses a line there. 

  • Coloring Hair 

    color hair

    While our husbands certainly know that coloring our hair takes a ton of time, they might not be aware of how unattractive the process is. We really don't want to see the look on his face when he catches us in a million foils or sees our hair all wild under a glob of bad-smelling dye. 

  • Having Bad Breath

    bad breath

    Whether it was that extra helping of garlic knots or just general morning grossness, hitting the partner with a whiff of stinky breath isn't fun for anyone involved. 

  • Vomiting


    If a bad case of the flu or that pesky day care virus hits the household, sometimes being sick can't be helped -- but if it's avoidable, we'd prefer not to puke in front of our hubbies. It's just gross for everybody. 

  • Getting Caught ... Listening to Cheesy Music


    We all have a guilty pleasure. But does the husband need to witness the shameless dancing to it? Not necessarily ... though, he'd probably find it cute. 

  • Tripping


    Tripping in front of anyone is embarrassing, but doing it in front of the husband? The worst. Why? They'll NEVER let the wife live it down. 

  • Spitting While Talking

    spitting while talking

    Sometimes it's impossible to control what comes out of one's mouth, literally and figuratively. And while husbands aren't strangers to a wife's spit, there's a time and a place, people. 

  • Having Stinky Armpits

    stinky pits

    Man is there anything worse than cuddling up to bae only to be hit with his ripe under arm? Yeah, he hates when it happens to him, too! 


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