20 Things No Woman Should Ever Do in Front of Her Husband

12 things not to do in front of your husband

One of the best things about marriage is the comfort level you get to with a person who knows you both inside and out. After 10 years of marriage, I can officially say that I have done most things in front of my husband, including shower, pee, have babies, laugh until soda came out of my nose, and sleep. But there are still a few things I will never do in front of him.


It's not that we aren't intimate. We are. Deeply. But I am someone who believes strongly in the power of distance. It makes the heart grow fonder, after all. Some things are just meant to stay private. Forever.

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Like pooping, for instance. There is a discussion right now on CafeMom about this, and some are in favor of pooping in front of their love, while others aren't. For me, this is a massive no-no. Here are twenty things I would simply never do in front of my spouse.


Do you do these things in front of your man?

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