20 Things No Woman Wants to Do in Front of Her Husband

man embarrassed by woman

One of the best things about long-term relationships and love is getting to that extremely comfortable level with another person from the inside out. After 10 years of marriage, partners have likely done most things in front of one another -- from pee to have babies to laugh until soda comes out of their noses. But no matter those moments and how close a couple may be, there's something to be said for keeping some distance in certain circumstances. It makes the heart grow fonder after all. 


No matter how much love there is between two people in a marriage or relationship, some things will always be cringe-worthy to do in front of a significant other. Women are (incorrectly) expected to be delicate flowers that just naturally glow into the beautiful goddesses we present ourselves as. Before marriage, our partners see us in our most tip-top form. Hair is brushed, skin is smooth, and bodily functions are kept in check.

What they don't see is the ball of knots our hair is before we run a brush through it. They miss the  wax on the upper lip to get the smooth skin, and believe us, our bodily functions are most definitely functioning when they're not around. And once marriage hits, they are bound to catch us in one of the acts. 

But the thing is none of us are alone in these "embarrassing" moments. Here are 20 aspects of an all-too-human existence that many people wish they could steer clear of doing when their partner's around.

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