Sex Confession: I Masturbated at the Spa and My Massage Therapist Caught Me

shower head"Sex Confessions" is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

There's nothing like a day at the spa ... even just a couple of hours away from all your stresses -- the kids, the bills, your husband, the mess that is your house. Plus, the added bonus, what you are really at the spa for ... a massage! Heavenly! Thirty-something Stella* was gifted a one-hour massage from her husband who knew she very much needed some of those kinks worked out that had been literally a pain in her neck. Stella, however, took full advantage of her time away from home and the kids. She took her pleasure into her own hands ... or rather shower nozzle ... while preparing for her massage. Though she was quite embarrassed when she got caught ... by the woman who was about to massage her! I'll let Stella share the details ....


I was so excited for my little respite from the daily grind! My neck and back had been hurting, and despite my husband's attempts to massage those knots out, it was clear I needed a professional. Plus, a little rest and relaxation at a spa -- a day all to myself -- was in order.

I arrived early because I like to shower there, use all their aromatherapy products, and then enjoy one of their herbal teas while waiting for my appointment. First I spent time in the steam room, then I went to shower off and something happened when I was in the little shower ... I got excited. Excited excited. The shower had great water pressure and a removable shower head, and I was moving the stream of water along my shoulders and back and then my stomach and then, yes, between my legs. Taking a shower by myself without any worry that one of my kids would come busting in was pleasurable in and of itself, but this, this was pure bliss.

I was really getting into it and then it happened! Orgasm. Sweet, sweet orgasm. I wasn't done though so I continued to massage myself, back up against the shower wall, shower head between my legs, and then IT happened! A woman walked by with towels, accidentally pulling my shower curtain back. Our eyes met -- there was no denying what I was doing. She apologized quickly and closed the curtain. How embarrassing! I calmed down, got out, dried off, and thought, Okay, there's a chance I just won't see her again. I put on a robe and went out to have my tea to wait to be called for my massage.

Guess who calls my name for my massage? Yes. The lady who saw me really enjoying the shower head.

I was able to relax despite it all. We didn't talk much, and she did give me a great massage. But wow, super embarrassing!

Have you ever masturbated at the spa? Were you ever caught?


Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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