7 Sexy Things I Do More of Since Having Kids

7 sexy things I do more of since having kidsOh now, you didn't think I was a big old prude just because I have a list of sexy things I ditched since having kids? I did write a sex book for parents, mind you, so I haven't joined a convent or anything.

So if you thought your sex life was suddenly over after having children, THINK AGAIN! Here are seven sexy things I do more of now that I'm a mom. Rowr.


1. Sex in the shower - As a busy mom, I've got to multi-task, so sex in the shower is definitely killing two birds with one stone. Plus, my back is so clean now that I have someone else to wash it for me.

2. Sex toy play - I'd always played with sex toys alone, but now that I have kids, I'm all about bringing sex toys into the mix with my husband. I don't have a ton of time to fool around, so they definitely help speed things along.

3. Foreplay - It might be because it takes a little more these days to get me going (darn hormones!), but I definitely engage in a lot more foreplay these days, both receiving and giving.

4. The quickie - I admit that sex used to be quite a big production back in the day, but now my husband and I don't have time for that. So we've embraced "the quickie," which allows us to have fun and still get the laundry done.

5. Talking dirty - Perhaps it's because I need a little extra help to get turned on, but the dirty talk has certainly gotten much more abundant since having kids.

6. Sex outside the bed - A change of scenery can be pretty hot, and since overnights in hotels, at least on any sort of regular basis, aren't feasible, just moving to the floor, the closet, even the basement (which is finished, by the way) does the trick.

7. Sexy texts - Maybe I'm getting more daring in my old age, but I love sending sexy texts, which are an excellent form of foreplay.

What sexy things do you do more of now that you have kids?


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