6 Things a Woman Says When She Is Trying to Steal Your Man

stealing manMy husband is one of those men who is totally clueless to other women's advances. A women could plop down on his lap, start making out with him, and he STILL would say: "What? She just likes me as a friend."

Suuuure. Still, you spend enough time with a guy like that and you start to doubt your female instinct. Maybe she isn't a vicious man-stealing woman, intent on sleeping with my hubby. Maybe she IS just a friend. Let's not kid ourselves.

The other day, we were hanging out with a friend when it became painfully obvious that a woman at the bar was making eyes at my husband. "You are fascinating," she purred while I rolled my eyes. What a cliche! Then it occurred to me that these ladies are very easy to spot. They all say the same things! Below, find the 6 things a woman says when she is trying to take your man:

  1. "Does he have a brother?": That is the single most oft-used line from women who are looking to co-opt your man. Assuming the answer is no, then who does she really want? Isn't it obvious?
  2. "If your WIFE isn't interested in that, I sure am": The number one "home-wrecker" tool is to be what the spouse isn't. So if she isn't a scientist, BOOM! You are. See how that works?
  3. "I'll never be as pretty as your wife": This one is especially manipulative. It LOOKS like a compliment, but it's not. It's actually a thinly disguised way to open a conversation no one should be having with YOUR spouse.
  4. "Is your wife WILD (like me)?": This is just yuck. And obvious. And wrong.
  5. "Wanna go to lunch alone?": Pretty much any time a woman is trying to get your man alone, you should have your ears perked up. I happen to believe men and women can't really be "just friends" at least most of the time. So if a woman were asking my husband to hang out alone, I would be on red alert.
  6. "Wow, my boyfriend would NEVER do that for me. You are SO great!": Ah, flattery. It will get you everywhere with a man. Make him feel special and loved and he is putty in your hand. Nice plan, sister.

Watch out for these statements! What other ones have you heard?


Image via denharsh/Flickr

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