High School Sweethearts Find Each Other Again After 23 Years Apart

engagement ring on handNo matter how you slice it, divorce sucks. (Seriously, it makes my heart ache to just look at Bethenny Frankel right now.) But every now and then you hear a story of how ending a marriage ended up leading two people to the love of their lives. Or leading them back to the love of their lives ... Such was the case for high school sweethearts Laine Thompson and Lucas Blum.

The couple met in choir class in 1989 and were instantly inseparable. Lucas would even sketch Laine (a la Jack and Rose in Titanic?!) while she was doing her homework. Aww. Laine says she saved those drawings for years -- years after she moved from their hometown of Freeport, Illinois to SoCal. 'Course the couple ended up breaking up for the same reason many high school sweethearts do -- it was just too hard to keep things going with miles between them. They married other people and only saw one another once again at a mutual friend's wedding in '01. But apparently, they still carried a torch for one another ...


Laine told HuffPo:

I thought about him constantly and often compared my husband to him, wondering why he wasn't as attentive or sensitive or thoughtful as Lucas was.

Sheesh, that's intense! So it obviously wasn't just a case of first love ... There was a lot more between these two. So I guess it shouldn't come as that big a surprise that they ended up getting divorced/separated from their respective spouses and finding one another again ... via Facebok (because how else?!). One thing led to the other, and before you knew it, they were meeting on a bridge in a park in Freeport.

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Thompson shares:

It was as though there was no one else in the park that day. It was magic. We held each other and kissed and cried. We walked through the park, but I had to keep sitting because I was so overwhelmed.

Six months later they moved in together, and last month, they got engaged. And while this is an incredibly romantic, adorable story, I have to say I'm happy that it's not all that extraordinary. Thanks to the power of the Internet, people are finding love more easily ... or reuniting with long-lost loves. And when you hear a story like this, you can't help but realize the web -- and Facebook specifically -- really has changed so many people's lives in an amazing, dare I say ... magical way.

How sweet is this? Do you know any lovebirds who reunited as a result of Facebook?


Image via Tela Chhe/Flickr

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