A Nude Wedding Would at Least Make for One Hell of an Interesting Conga Line

wedding bouquetHave you ever thought about getting married in the buff? Yeah, me neither. And you know why you haven't? Because your wedding album would look a lot like the matrimonial scrapbook Nick and Wendy Lowe of New Zealand are stuck with ... until death do they part. See, for the last six years, Nick and Wendy Lowe have been living the "naturism" lifestyle, as they call it ... so, naturismly (?) they exchanged vows at the Wellington Naturist Club, where formal events don't require formal wear. Ba-dum-bump.

(Except during dinner, interestingly enough. Which, at that point, what's the difference?! Although I guess watching Uncle Fred scarf down shrimp cocktail sans pants would be a real appetite-killer.) As if weddings weren't painful enough.


Oh lord, oh holy lord. Naked conga line?! Feeling hot, hot, hot, indeed.

But here's the real question: What would you do if you were invited to a clothing-optional wedding? Apparently only about 50% of the guests wore only their birthday suits to the ceremony. Which side of the church would be more uncomfortable: Shirts or skins?.

The only real winners in this scenario, as far as I'm concerned, would be the bridesmaids, of course. No tacky, $300 dress you'll "totally wear again!" (With matching pumps. Gag.)

Would you ever consider getting hitched in the nude?


Image via Mark Pilgrim/Flickr

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