5 Sexy Things to Send Your Military Man for Valentine's Day

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Whether you're into the whole mushiness of Valentine's Day or not, it sucks to spend it alone. Being single is one thing, but being a military wife or girlfriend is something else. There you are, fighting your own emotional battle at home, wishing more than anything that just like your best friend -- you too could have a romantic evening out with your sweetie. Instead, you have anxiety wondering about what he's doing and hoping that at the very least, you'll get a call at some point or another.


Just because you two can't spend the romantic Hallmark holiday together, though, doesn't mean you can't do something special. With just over a month left until the holiday, now is the PERFECT time to gather things together and ship them off. Sending your deployed lover a special care package is a great way to show him you care, and can be a whole lot of fun to put together. Check out our list of 5 flirtatious items for the perfect Valentine's Day care package:

1. Splurge for the boudoir: You cannot tell me you've never thought about pulling the plug and actually buying one of those sexy photoshoot packages on a discount site. Now is THE time, if ever, to go for it! Play dress-up, take some photos, and send them along to your sweetie. He'll absolutely love it and probably hang them by his bunk bed. Be careful, though, because you know he's gonna show you off to the guys. 

2. Cookies galore: Sending plain old chocolate overseas doesn't always work out that well. From my experience, the heat can get into the package and he'll end up with a pile of chocolate goo. Instead, make a batch of his favorite kind of cookies and place them into a large Ziploc bag with a piece of bread. The bread will help the cookies stay fresh on their journey. 

3. Write down 14 things you love about him: Put together a cute set of cards, each with one thing you love about your husband/boyfriend. It will be a great thing for him to look over after a long day on the base. 

4. A day in the life recreated: When they're deployed, there's almost nothing they'd rather do than take a break to spend just one day with you. Make that possible by taking a camera (or even just your iPhone) along with you for a normal day. Snap photos grabbing coffee, running at the gym, running errands to the bank, of your smiling kids if you have them, at the dinner table, in bed, wherever your heart desires. It'll be a really fun way to share a day together, so to speak. 

5. Heartfelt video messages: One of the best things I sent my ex while he was deployed was a DVD of small two-minute clips I took throughout a one-week period. Every day for a week, I checked in, saying hi, telling him what I was up to and one thing I loved about him. Throughout our entire relationship, he always told me that was one of the most special gifts I ever gave him.


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